Relevant contact information for team members with leading roles is provided below. You may contact the leaders directly, using the information provided, or you may use the form. Choose the option that best suits your time constraints, the type of information you wish to relay, etc. Castle Finance Direct

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James Carroll
Faculty Advisor
(315) 268-7726

Robert Colatutto
ME ID Team Leader
(315) 268-

Clayton Colburn
Animations Head
(315) 268-

Alexander Crosby
Team Leader
(315) 268-

Robert Davis
SPEED Director
(315) 268-3960

Tim Delles
Assistant Team Leader
(315) 268-

Joel Johnson
(315) 268-

Gabriel LaPietra
Fabrications Head
(315) 268-

Patrick Roche
Strategy Head
(315) 268-

Kurt Rooks
EE Controls Head
(315) 268-

Elissa Voccola
Promotions Head
(315) 268-