Robot Name:

Two Drive Modules
8WD Skid Steering, with lowered center wheels (4 total) for enhanced turning
High Efficiency
Single speed transmission
Geared at 8 fps using custom 4-motor Chiaphua gearbox

Eight 4″x1.5″ IFI wheels (~1.3 coeff of friction)
Two 4″x1.5″ custom wheels, with timing belt treads

Tiltable 3pt ball shooter made from 4 6″ wheelchair wheels, and driven by 2 mini-bike motors
Expandable hopper, to allow for ease of human player loading
Trap door, to allow 1pt. ball dumps into the corner goals

Shaft encoders, and gyro allowing for feedback control
CMUcam2 for alignment with green target, to shoot 3pt balls.

General Strategy:
Shoot 3pt balls
Score 1pt balls
Defend if needed
Do what is necessary to win the match

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